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Candlestick telephones, also known as “upright desk stands,” first gained popularity in the 1880s as the telephone became an important piece of technology for modern businesses.A standard candlestick phone included a base, stem, mouthpiece, and receiver.

Early types were solid cast brass construction usually in two pieces the stem and base. Construction techniques changed through the years allowing for economical methods to make brass candlesticks.

Cores were used to cast hollow voids in the base and stems saving on material used.

Even then, thick areas under the bases were turned on lathes to remove yet more material, and to lighten the candle holder.

Another method that came about was to cast the holders in two halves that could be brazed together.

These can be identified by a light seam running vertical up two sides of the candlestick.

Construction methods for removing the unburned candle stub can also be helpful in dating brass candle holders.Earliest brass types had square or round holes in the side of the socket that would allow for picking the stub out.Later types utilized a button under the base that could be pushed to remove the stub, these are known as "push-up" type sticks.Lastly, a slide on the side of the stem was added for removal of the stub and for raising the candle as it burned.Candlesticks, Diamond Candlesticks, Kettles, Spirit Kettles, Match Box Vestas For the first thirteen years this website was constructed using the excellent Microsoft 'Front Page' software.Server support was suddenly withdrawn in Spring 2015 so the whole site has been rebuilt using Adobe 'Dreamweaver' software.

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