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One of the five rivers of Hades, known as the river of woe.

According to some legends, the Styx and the Phlegethon both flowed into it; according to Virgil, it was the principal river of Tartarus and the Styx and the Cocytus both issued from it.

(Grk./Rom.)“Limitless”; goddess of the boundless sky; once the goddess of the past and the future, the seven dimensions of the cosmos; mother of the Adityas.

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(Hin.)God of fire, the messenger of the gods, the acceptor of sacrifice; closely associated with Indra, sometimes said to be his twin brother; had the power to impart immortality as well as to remove all sins at the time of one's death; later became an incarnation of either Shiva or Brahma.

(Hin.)The handsome giants, Otus and Ephialtes, who stormed Olympus to gain Artemis and Hera.

They were killed by Apollo and bound to columns in the underworld by snakes, with the nymph of the Styx in the form of an owl over them.

(Grk.)Also Avici, and Avichi; the eighth hot hell; the general meaning of which is “waveless,” having no waves or movement, suggesting the stagnation of life and being in immobility; it also means “without happiness” or “without repose.” (Budh.)Also Brâhman; a devout man, one who prays, a worshipper; a priest; a chief priest who knows the Vedas; the supreme universal soul, the chief god of the Indian pantheon.

A devotion, pious utterance or prayer; a Vedic verse or text.

(Hin.) One of the three Greek Hekatonkheires, or Hundred–handed Ones, giants of incredible strength and ferocity and children of Gaia and Uranus. (Grk.)The name of a whole world-system, in the center of which is Mount Sineru, itself surrounded by seven mountain ranges; each Cakravada, of which the number is countless, consists of four great continents.

They defeated the Titans and became guards of Tartarus. (Budh.)Also, Chinwad and Cinvat; the bridge over which the souls passed after judgment.

It extended between the divine Mount Albûrz (Mount Damavand) and the Daitya peak near the Daitya River, identified with the Aras River.

In Avestan it is the “Chinvato Peretu,” which is thought to mean the “Crossing of the Separator.” (Zor.)A Titan, the youngest of the first generation, who overthrew his father and ruled during the mythological Golden Age.

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