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Apparently I’m quite trendy: According to a recent report from the Pew Research Center, more and more single professionals are choosing to live with their parents.

For me, while finances are the main reason, the other perks are too good to ignore.

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Oddly enough, though, my dating life has improved while living at home. So instead of slaving away at a job I’d hate to live in a place I can barely stand, I stay where I grew up and help with the expenses. 1 choice if Trump becomes president) — it doesn’t make sense to spend my highly fluctuating income as a freelance writer on rent. I’ve made some rash and regrettable decisions when I felt lonely, such as dating someone a lot longer than I should have, or trying to make it work with selfish guys who, in retrospect, didn’t deserve me.

I’ve had some pretty strange roommates, and even on their worst day, my parents are the far better choice. But having two roommates who love and accept me protects me from panic-based decisions. Here’s how to actually be one.] I’m better at balancing my family life with my social/dating life.

Not paying rent frees me to go on more interesting and exciting dates without having to worry about money too much. I don’t have to squeeze in extra time to see my parents because I can spend quality time with them whenever I want. In general, I’m more relaxed because I can be there for my parents when they need me.

A friend of mine wants to move abroad, but she is afraid of leaving her mother alone. Because she has a full-time job and a dance-teaching gig on the side, she barely sees her mother.

But I’m a freelancer with a freelancer dad and a retired mom.

We hang out together at coffee shops where we work, relax and chat together.

When the time comes for me to move out, I will miss them.

But there won’t be guilt over missed opportunities or things unsaid.

I can travel more often, which broadens my dating pool.

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