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Radio advertising is considerably more affordable than many people realise.

Compared to the other traditional advertising mediums – television, newspapers, and magazines – radio advertising reaches target audiences at the lowest cost.

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Therefore try to choose stations that have the highest concentration of your target audience rather than the most popular stations.

– Length of the Ad – the standard length is 30 seconds, with 10 second ads being approximately half the price of 30 second ads.

– Time of Day – early morning and late afternoon are the most desirable times so are the most expensive.

– Length of the Campaign – longer campaigns are more expensive but cheaper on a per ad basis.

In general it’s best not to advertise on the radio for less than 4 weeks, unless it’s a highly intensive campaign.

– Campaign Frequency – radio advertising relies on repetition so don’t have your ads spread out thinly.

If you can’t afford high frequency ads consider advertising one week on and one week off over a couple of months.

– The Type of Advertising – radio stations are flexible with what advertising options they have.

For example, you can often sponsor particular shows or features, or run a competition on air. A general rule is that developing the ad should cost no more than 10% of your budget – around £250 for small stations and £2,000 for some of the most popular stations.

These fees include script writing, actors to speak in the ad, music and sound effects.

However, if you’d like a popular song it can cost up to £25,000 in licensing fees.

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