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Pointy Haired Boss: In Japan, employees occasionally work themselves to death. I don't want that to happen to anybody in my department.

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For example, you would never start a project if you knew how much it would really cost.

Employees stay here because they don't know there are better jobs across the street.

Customers buy your products because they don't know about all the bugs.

I recommend wearing trash cans on your heads to avoid any accidental exposure to knowledge.

Pointy-Haired Boss: [To himself] The best choice for Employee of the Month is...

[Later...] Congratulations to Alice for being our Employee of the Month!

You get to use my parking spot near the entrance for the rest of the month.

Dilbert: That's because my project is a flailing corpse of misery, and my boss donated his brain to a gum museum.

If I had a good attitude in this situation, it would be a sign of mental imbalance.

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