Dating a coworker gossip

The devastating awkwardness of figuring out if you should kiss each other good-bye.As your relationship begins to blossom like two flowers in the same garden that are dating each other, you have to start making choices that will affect you the rest of your lives (or until you break up and/or one of you quits).

This is about to set the foundation for the rest of the relationship. Debating whether or not to send that inappropriate email. Depending on the kind of person you are, that sentence either gave you butterflies or filled you with intense dread.

You've hovered over the "send" button, wondering if you should send a sexy email to your work beau so you can reap the benefits later. May God have mercy on your souls if the two of you disagree about just how much time you should spend together.5. Jim and Pam made the whole office romance thing seem perfect, but sometimes you just want some space.6.

Then you thought better of it when you realized his boss could be looking over his shoulder at this very moment.3. You crunched the numbers over sushi and realized that you could spend 15 minutes in a car together in a nearby empty lot before anyone noticed both of you were out on a long lunch. If you're not working a 9-to-5, just you wind up on the same schedule.

Steamy, passionate, forbidden, afternoon delight was expected. You're always bummed out when your schedules don't overlap, but you're pretty sure your manager does it on purpose.

And getting home when he's just leaving for work means no sex ever.7. You know you shouldn't bring your work home, but dates have been ruined because his department really screwed over your department on some big project.8.

Your coworkers acting really awkward when they walk in on the two of you.

You might have been discussing budget reports, but everyone always acts like they just interrupted something steamy. When you have to interact in a professional setting, you fidget and act like you're complete strangers, successfully making things even more awkward for everyone involved.

"Ohhh, I'm so sorry, you guys," they say with a wink and leave before you can explain yourselves. As a result, you are never invited to client meetings together.10.

The grand debate over whether to leave the office separately for date night.

You know if you walk out together, everyone is going to "Ooooh" like they're the studio audience on .11.

Seeing each other at work when you're having a big fight at home.

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