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Age as a young girl but her success is like of the women in thirties.Even at the smaller age, she has accomplished her goal, and she is so much devoted to her career.It is evident that you might be wondering about whom I am talking right now.

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Born in Florida, Danielle is the winner of Miss Florida Jr. The pageant beauty holder Danielle has proved her passion and intense focus in modeling.

Prior grabbing this title, she has also competed and won the title of the fourth runner-up and the second runner-up.

She never gave up and continued her journey in the beauty pageant.

Every year she worked harder, and at the third time, she got what she had dreamt of.

Her mother and brother supported her and encouraged her to own the crown.

After winning the title, the responsibilities got surrounded by her. She was associated with BMG modeling agency, Juicy Couture Clothing, Lisa B Jewelry.

She often gifts the teddy bears for the kids of the Children's Miracle Hospital.

She founded an app which has able to accumulated 1.1 million fans.

She also has a You Tube channel with around 200K subscribers and 11 Million views.

She joined You Tube on May 3rd of 2010, and her popularity is growing more and more.

She has also done a famous duet with Cameron Dallas. After stalking her Instagram, we got to know that was having affairs with Richard Ortz. But whoever she dates she keeps photos on Instagram of her with her boyfriend.

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