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Hi, I've been holding off typing this for a while but I think I'm ready to share now.

She gets off on being owned and used as a fuck hole and I used that to get her to cuck me. I degraded her and made her fuck a massive dildo and eat my ass etc.

And eventually I told her that she must fuck someone else for my pleasure (hers mostly as my angel) and she agreed like the obedient little slut she is and so we got busy trying to find a cock.

She had loads of interest as I knew she would and set up a date with some guy.

They went out for a few drinks then ended up back at his place on her suggestion and that's when I flaked out and stopped it before they even kissed. Hi, This is pretty tame compared to a lot of what's posted on this blog, but to me it was crazy and probably the hottest sexual experience I've ever had. I'm on the smaller side, but more importantly I have some major issues with premature ejaculation that created awful insecurities when I was younger.

Those insecurities manifested themselves into a pretty unhealthy size cuckold obsession.

Fortunately my senior year of high school I had an amazing girlfriend and the unhealthy side of my fetish sort of faded away along with my insecurities.

Now I'm 20, in college, and have a new girlfriend who's absolutely gorgeous.

Seriously the most adorable girl I've ever met, both in looks and personality.

She's very sexual and was somewhat disappointed by my issues in bed at first (which is usually the case my first few times with a girl), but we're such a good match for each other and have so much fun that it doesn't really matter.

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