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See no evil, speak no evil, hear noe evil – the Listener is here…

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After a successful first season, the lone wolf Logan is back on track with plenty to listen out for. No one but Dr Mukai his child psychiatrist knows his stunning secret.

And she vows to keep things quiet – so as to not destroy her career and for the world to not view Logan as an ‘oddball’.

Kicking off episode one, we find Toby Logan fighting his gift in the wake of his guilt over the murder of close friend Detective Charlie Marks (Lisa Marcos), and the disappearance of his mother Maya (Lara Jean Chorostecki).

This after he saves potential drown victim Lynn Kendall (Rekha Sharma of Battlestar Galactica and V) who may be involved in a corporate espionage and murder plot.

To make matters worse, Logan’s connection with the amnesiac Kendall comes under the microscope when investigated by Sergeant Michelle Mc Cluskey (Lauren Lee Smith of CSI and The L Word), as does his more than co-incidental connection with past criminal cases.

Self-styled ladies’ man and speed-freak Osman Bey (Ennis Esmer) continues in his role as Toby’s wheelman.

Full of wit and wisdom and a compulsive story-teller, Bey plays the reliable friend and partner who accepts Logan for who he is.

Season 2 sees Logan step up his game and embrace his powers.

Until he hits a crossroad: safeguard his secret and face the music, or tell the truth to Sergeant Mc Cluskey in the hope she turns a blind eye to the truth. Nissan has announced its intention to invest about USD 20 Million (KShs 2 Billion) in setting-up a vehicle assembly facility in Kenya.

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