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It was only a matter of time before the popularity of both simulation games and online dating merged into the creation of romance simulation games.

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He or she has to feed them, make sure they sleep, ensure they go to work, and the like.

In addition, he or she has to organize dates for the two characters and assist them throughout the courtship.

How the couple ends up faring directly relates to what the user tells them to do.

It's important to take note of the fact that some romantic simulation games allow the user to engage his/her characters in a physical relationship, to varying degrees.

Adults should always look at the rating of the game or play it to scan for graphic content before allowing children to use it.

Although they are games, romance Sims are not targeted to kids.

Many games are available for purchase on the Internet.

A few of the more promising ones are: Note that all of these games have charges associated with them. It's also possible to follow a romance track in the popular simulation game, The Sims.

The user can make romance his or her Sim's highest priority by labeling it a Romance Sim when he or she introduces it into the virtual world.

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