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As part of your A-Level Geography studies, you are required to undertake a fieldwork project as part of your independent study. For example, do not attempt to do a project on glaciation if you have not studied it! Secondly, you need to choose a project that is feasible.

This is your chance to do something that you’re really interested in! You need to be able to carry it out around your home town. You should only study a topic that you have taken as a module during your A-Level Geography studies. Do you want to do a Physical, Human, or Combination project?Don’t try and plan a project that is very far away and difficult and costly to access.Are there some good exposures of glacial near rivers or the coast that you can safely access? Remote areas may be risky to go into alone, and working near rivers or coasts may have a risk of drowning.Will you need a hardhat or permission from land owners to access these sites? Fourthly, you need to ensure that you will be able to access sites.Many sites, such as some dunes or quarries, are not more broadly accessible.

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