Consolidating 3 naps to 2

When you were pregnant, you probably imagined all the creative things you’d do when baby napped—work on the baby book, do a yoga video, catch up with friends on the phone….

consolidating 3 naps to 2-23

“Parents often have a preconceived idea of how a baby should sleep.

But babies are very individual in how much they sleep, when they sleep, how they fall asleep.” During the first six weeks, there really isn’t such a thing as a nap.

Your baby will eat and sleep and wake around the clock, and you may not see anything that looks like a routine or predictable sleep times.

That’s normal for this age and there isn’t much you can do about it.

Keeping in mind that every infant is different, here are some typical patterns that emerge beyond those initial hazy weeks.

Popular patterns At this age, the most popular pattern may still be no pattern at all.

Paediatric neurologist Shelly Weiss of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children’s Sleep Disorder Clinic says many babies this age don’t have a longer sleep at night and short naps during the day; they just sleep when they need to around the clock.

“It’s important to go with the baby’s natural tendency to sleep and wake,” she says.

Gradually over these weeks, babies will start to sleep more at night.

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