Collective dating playscript

We’re really pleased to announce that we’re now accepting scripts for immersive performances.

There are a couple of examples of scripts from previous performances linked at the bottom for you to have a look at but please do refer to this guidance before you download these. This doesn’t mean that there has to be a conversation about something, touch or staring deeply into a participants eyes are equally interactive. We don’t really do character or acting or learning specifically phrased lines.

What this means is that the performer has to be able to ‘be themselves doing something unusual’.

If there is dialogue they should be allowed to draw from their own experiences rather than, for example, yours.

What this might look like in a script is where, for example, you want a performer to talk about a dream, they shouldn’t have a paragraph of dialogue to recall.

You might want to include this as an indication of the tone but also acknowledge that the performer needs to talk about the most scary dream they’ve ever had. Scripts should resemble a normal play script (see examples) but don’t feel restricted by what you can and can’t include.

If you need to give us some information to help us understand what your aim is then do.If you need to insert dialogue and then give an overview of how a performer might talk about this then that’s fine.Present your script clearly and consistently but don’t get bogged down in formatting. We’re probably much more likely to produce low-tech work so focus on the interaction between the performer and participants’ bodies and minds. Our normal mode of presentation is one participant to one performer but you should feel free to play with this if you like.We’ve done small competitive group pieces (4-5 participants / 2 performers) and larger group work.Remember that the more people are in the room the less time each person has to engage with the performer. Pieces can be of any length but your work is more likely to be shown if it’s a relatively short piece (approx 15 minutes) that we can repeat. Because it’s us then you should feel free to push the limits of the performer in whatever way you wish.Feel free to consider the accumulative effect of repetition on the performer and environment. If you have a specific aesthetic in mind then do include this but we might want to change this to fit our overall aesthetic. Feel free to also push the limits of the what’s socially acceptable. we may need to have a chat with you to discuss the ethics of the piece and make changes accordingly but that will very much be a collaborative thing. We’re unlikely to select anything that will cause long-term or permanent physical damage to a performer and won’t select anything that aims to cause physical or mental damage to a participant. If you submit something then accept our thanks now.

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