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Results:[email protected] not valid(comment)[email protected] not valid"this is [email protected]!"@is not valid"unusual"@is not [email protected] is not [email protected] is not valid"()[]:,;@\"\! ^_`| ~.a"@is not valid" "@is not valid The documentation does not saying that FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL should pass the RFC5321, however you can meet with these examples (especially with the first one).So this is a note, not a bug report.outputs:'on': bool(true)'On': bool(true)'ON': bool(true)'off': bool(false)'Off': bool(false)'OFF': bool(false)'yes': bool(true)'Yes': bool(true)'YES': bool(true)'no': bool(false)'No': bool(false)'NO': bool(false)0: bool(false)1: bool(true)'0': bool(false)'1': bool(true)'true': bool(true)'True': bool(true)'TRUE': bool(true)'false': bool(false)'False': bool(false)'FALSE': bool(false)true: bool(true)false: bool(false)'foo': NULL'bar': NULL FILTER_VALIDATE_URL allows:filter_var('javascript://comment alert(1)', FILTER_VALIDATE_URL); Where the (URL encoded newline), in certain contexts, will split the comment from the JS code. Keep in mind that FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL will validate the email address according to standards.

gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol have special rules For example : Note that only using FILTER_VALIDATE_URL to validate url's input may result in XSS:$url = 'javascript:// alert(document.cookie)';if (filter_var($url, FILTER_VALIDATE_URL, FILTER_FLAG_SCHEME_REQUIRED)) You should at least additionally check the actually used scheme.

I managed to get this to work with PHP 5.1.6 on Cent OS 5 with minor difficulty.1) Download the PECL filter package2) Extract the tarball3) phpize the directory4) ./configure5) make6) filter-0.11.0/logical_filters.c:: error: ext/pcre/php_pcre.h: No such file or directory7) find / -name php_pcre.h8) Make sure php-devel is installed9) Edit filter-0.11.0/logical_filters.c and replace "ext/pcre/php_pcre.h" with the absolute path of php_pcre.h10) make11) make install12) add "extension=filter.so" to php.ini13) Restart Apache FILTER_VALIDATE_URL does not support internationalized domain name (IDN).

Valid or not, no domain name with Unicode chars on it will pass validation. We replace every one of those chars by "X" and check again.

We can circumvent this with a home grown solutions, but C code is C code, so I've gone for the code bellow, which builds on filter_var(). An alternative will be to punycode the URI before calling filter_var(), but PHP lacks native support for punycode. Please e-mail me if you think otherwise or see room for improvement.

"(comment)[email protected]"is an invalid E-Mail address per RFC5322 (Appendix A.6.3):"Also, the comments and white space throughout addresses, dates, and message identifiers are all part of the obsolete syntax."/******************************************* * * These are the function * * check_username is called by check_email * - it compensates for bugs in the php * filter_var function.

* - returns boolean * * check_email is the function to use.

* First argument is string, address to * check * Second argument is optional boolean, * whether or not to use DNS to validate * the domain name.

Defaults to true * Returns boolean * */ It evaluates the address in two parts, first evaluating the host and if that legal it then evaluates the user name.

If there is a DNS problem *and* the default $dns_check value of true is used, valid will fail.

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