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There's a lot of things you can do for your partner on Valentine's Day. Air Malta’s popular Love Flight is back again - however this time the airline will not just offer a flight over Sicily by night, but couples will also be landing and visiting the enchanting town of Comiso.

Or, you could go for a special getaway from the island that you'll remember forever.

This includes a special welcome at the Malta International Airport, Business Class seating arrangements and further surprises including complimentary gifts from corporate partners.

Chief Commercial Officer at Air Malta Mr Paul Sies said that “every Love Flight event that Air Malta has organised has always been an incredible success and was sold out in just a few days.

Our plan is to build on this success and going an extra mile to treat our guests."Talking about this year's Love Flight, he said "our team managed to put up an amazing programme that we hope will exceed our guests’ expectations."If you are looking for a romantic getaway on Valentine's day, then Air Malta is here to help.

Have your lover treated like royalty, board a special night flight, and enjoy an incredible 6-course meal in Sicily.

With Air Malta's help, there's no way you aren't going to get lucky this Valentine's Day.

A reliable way to date decks made by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) is the dating code printed on the ace of spades or joker at the time it was manufactured. REV.', 'PLAYING CARDS,' and 'CLASS A.' Both stamps have have '7 CENTS' in the center row of the cancellation, and they were cancelled by the U. The code is helpful in dating decks after 1904, the year it started, according to the Hochman Encyclopedia. But, I have found evidence that the dating code was actually in use prior to 1904 which is why I have amended the chart to include 1900-1903 (highlighted in yellow, below). Kei Izumi, a collector from Japan, found a Motor No. 1 deck, which was introduced in 1901 and discontinued in 1907, with a "D" code on the ace (pictured below). This strongly suggests that the date code was indeed used at least as early as 1901.

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