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In Matt's defense, R14, the sample sizes that most male models fit into are cut freakishly slim.

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I saw the most stupid, shitty, dumb movie a fortnight ago, War Games 2, and the only thing that kept me watching was Mr. I was hoping for a gay storyline in which Matt and Joe end up in compromising positions.

Alas, the small screen could not contain their huge bubble butts.[quote]If you post those pix you'll get a cease&desist from his lawyer, tout de suite. If this really was a Dudetube video, why hasn't it ever surfaced? I used to see him around town auditioning for things a few years back. Those queeny casting guys went insane when he would come into the audition in tight dress slacks. He's getting some decent work and is making some OK cash now.

Anyway, it that webcast is your evidence that he's gay, that's pretty weak for "He's gay. He's super nice and has a great outlook on life...well, except the fact that he's closted. R55, my best friend who's now an executive for Viacom, used to work for Bravo and he helped develop and cast Manhunt and he said it was no secret to him nor the other contestants that Matt was into dudes and if I recall correctly had a boyfriend at the time. I'm just happy he found his footing in town and is doing quite well for himself.

It really sucks because I don't believe it's necessary. Most girls wanted his character to on 90210 to be the gay one.

His lawyers and folks don't agree, but his career would be fine. I'm not making any of this up from 'wishful thinking'.

This is all based on research from across the net: I know he had a girlfriend..currently has one...but there have been rumors since he started in Manhunt (tv show) in 04.Like someone said here, heard from several folks he was one of a few of the closeted contestants at the time.From industry folks, word around town was that he was gay.Have read numerous times that he has been seen in gay bars in LA and back in Atlanta.Have found a number of comments that around the net that say he's into guys...

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