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A generation ago, young people in God's church could attend Ambassador College, the Summer Educational Program (S. Bible prophecy shows that the faithful remnant of the church will flee to a place of safety (Revelation 12:6, 14).

Church youth had many opportunities to meet and interact with others of like belief. In I Corinthians 7, Paul refers to this arduous, trying period as "the present distress." The distress in today‘s church will escalate; division will apparently continue from the inside for some time; and on its heels, persecution from the outside will arise.

U.) activities and visit Feast sites all over the world, some of them with upwards of 10,000 participants. This occurred in AD 70, a few years after the death of most of the apostles.

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Some are staying with the church, but dabbling in the world—alcohol, drugs, dating, sex, smoking—and the attendant identifications with its popular culture as expressed in clothing, tattoos, body piercing, language and music. These are distressing, trying, arduous, tough times. Postal couriers traveled by horseback, camel and "slow boat to Corinth." Letters could take months to arrive, especially in the winter when sailing was hazardous.

Many young people see no real future in the church and have gone into the world. In addressing this very real and very knotty problem, I scratch my head in dismay, just as many of our young people are. The Bad News First It may come as a surprise to many to realize that the early church faced similar dynamics. The apostles and other leaders were thrown in jail, tortured, beaten and stoned, and almost all of them were ultimately martyred. Persecution spread the church all over the Mediterranean area. They had no telephones, e-mail or means of fast travel.

Even if a young person can find a prospective mate with enough compatibility in other areas, he may find they cannot agree on spiritual issues.

Beyond these dynamics, considerable diversity in belief and practice exists among the pieces of the church.

A Feast site with an attendance of more than a few hundred is rare anywhere in the church.

are essentially gone as well, with a few exceptions in the larger church bodies.Only a remnant of Israel (see Isaiah ) and of the population of the world (see Revelation 6:8; 8:7-11; ; 16:1-21; -21) will survive to see Christ's return.Many of these will be begging for death (Revelation -17; 9:6). These scriptures and others like them are designed to galvanize us into positive action.Christ undoubtedly allowed Paul to think the problems he was experiencing in the church signaled the end of the age, but they were written primarily for us who are living in the end of the age.Thus, we should carefully consider Paul's advice as we see the final sifting of the church and problems in society escalating toward World War III. Paul's Advice Paul recommended they not marry in that "present distress," just as Christ recommended a time would come when continuing to have children would become hazardous (Matthew ). I cannot tell you when not to marry or have children.Those are very personal decisions, and each person must consider when it is time to apply them.

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