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Former British soldier Nick Dunn - one of the so-called Chennai Six - has revealed he found love while facing a trial in India.

Mr Dunn, Mr Dunn, from Ashington, Northumberland, has spoken about his relationship with girlfriend Monalisa Das after touching down at Newcastle Aiport this morning.

Along with five other British men, Mr Dunn had been a guard on a ship to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean, but were jailed in October 2013 after being charged with carrying unlicensed firearms and ammunition.

But he said he managed to survive the ordeal thanks to the support from his family and Ms Das.

The pair met while Mr Dunn was having a drink in a bar while on bail and she asked him about his tattoos.Speaking to the Mail Online, he said: 'We had a normal relationship to begin with, she was lovely.We went to bars and restaurants like any normal couple.We had a lot of fun together.'I told her all about my situation and she was very understanding.'Once I was locked up again it was hard for us, but it meant the world to me that I had someone there in the country rooting for me.She got me through the very worst of times.'She visited me religiously during visiting hours which were every fortnight, bringing all my post with her.'That in itself was a great help, vital really, as the Indian postal system is not very good, and it meant I could keep in contact with everyone I needed to.'Mr Dunn spent time with Ms Das after his release from prison last week following a successful appeal.But yesterday the pair were forced to say goodbye to each other at Chennai International Airport. As I was leaving India Monalisa was getting very upset.'I told her that now I am free we will be able to speak to each other all day, every day, if we want to, on Skype but I know it is the physical contact that she wants.'She always knew this day would come, but it's been hard.

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