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The second thought came as a question: who will read proclaims in the early pages of the novel, “you are a fine storyteller”, and somehow her expression, like a surefire, endures through the remaining pages.

Esi’s words, as it stands, reveal the appreciative portrait of the novel, the overall deftness of Gyasi.

Yaa Gyasi writes with strings of rhythms beneath calculated simplicity.

captures that “feeling of time, of having been a part of something that stretched so far back, was so impossibly large, that it was easy to forget that she, and he, and everyone else, existed in it—not apart from it, but inside of it”.

Each chapter is from the perspective of a new character.

spans centuries and continents that encapsulate 300 hundred years of human history.This debut follows two families, Efia Otcher’s and Esi Asare’s, two half-sisters unaware of each other’s existence, one from the Fante tribe and the other from the Asante tribe, in the British colony that is now Ghana.Gyasi goes further to trace these sisters’ bloodlines for six more generations in a spellbinding fourteen interconnected narratives., like every good story, depicts what great literature can do.It brings us closer to slavery through the lens of history.It allows us to take a journey, a glimpse into the fluctuating shadows of the past.

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