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The character of Curtis Pryce is a recurring character in the seventh season of Scandal, portrayed by Jay Hernandez.

Curtis later asked out Olivia but she turned him down. When Mellie hosted a state dinner for President Rashad, Curtis suggested Olivia that he could be her date to the dinner but Olivia told him that the relationship stays inside the five-star hotel rooms. When the dinner ended, Olivia borrowed him from his date and took him to her apartment to "celebrate".

When they arrived at her apartment, they found Fitz standing on her doorstep.

Nora Adams, the mother of a missing girl named Zoe Adams and Fitz Grant went on Curtis' show hoping that the viewers could help Nora find her daughter.

They announced the news, how she's been missing and how she wants her daughter back.

Curtis then started to spar with Fitz why he didn't do anything about missing girls of color when he was the president.

Fitz talked back he wasn't aware of the problem and that media is a part to blame for the problem.

Olivia suggested to Curtis that he has a talk with President Rashad on his show but Curtis took it as Olivia is telling him how to do his job.

They squabbled but eventually, Curtis sat down with President Rashad on his show.

When Olivia went to thank him, he told Olivia that he doesn't like her and that he made a mistake with her.

Curtis came in to QPA looking for Quinn because she left a message to him saying that the plane President Rashad and his niece were on was blown up by an American and not by Bashranis.

When Olivia asked him if Quinn told him exactly who did the bombing, he said he didn't know and if he finds something, he will tell her.

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