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As the number of video-sharing sites increases, figuring out the best way to share your videos on the Web can be confusing.But don't worry – we've done the hard work for you.

Note that, if your video doesn't match the requirements (for instance, if you want to share a large video file in an uncommon format), you can always use Movavi Video Converter to quickly convert your video to an acceptable format and size!

We compared the different platforms based on their popularity, ease of use, file size limitations, format flexibility, and options to download, publish, or podcast your videos.

Then, we grouped the sites according to the benefits they offer their visitors.

Click the links below to move to the section you want to learn more about: Easily, the most popular video-hosting platform with the largest audience – over 1 billion people.

Users can watch videos and post comments, subscribe to channels, create their own channels, upload videos* and monetize them.

Subscribers to You Tube Red (.99/month) can also watch ad-free content and have the option to download any video they want. Probably, the easiest way to share entertainment content.

Original content creators can also have their accounts verified and get access to additional features.

“What if I just want to share home videos with my family and friends? You’re probably looking for easy registration and navigation as well as posting and downloading options.

The sites below have long-established reputations for providing flexible, easy-to-use services.

A great site for downloading videos, with simple uploads, tagging, commenting, and voting.

Four membership options, including Basic, which is free.

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