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Issue #10 of Der Greif marks almost a decade of the organization.

There will be events organized coinciding with the release in July 2017. For issue 10, there's an optional submission fee of 5 Euros.

Overall concept of the publication is de- and recontextualization of single images, so photographers submitting are aware of stepping back from controlling parts of their work as it might be shown in an entirely new context, placed next to works of photographers and authors of different origins.

Photographers published in #10 receive great exposure related to activities planned around the publication in July.

They receive a free copy plus a voucher for additional copies.

From the published artists, a selected number is invited to show their entire series in an Artist-Feature on Der Greif and to take over the Artist-Blog.

DER GREIF is an award-winning organization for contemporary photography.

It is print-publication, online-publication, curatorial team and joint project all at once.

The artistic core and root of the project is the ad-free print-publication.

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