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Nope, as she said in Marie Claire magazine (April 2012) "I never had a boyfriend until I was 18. But it isn't the most important thing," she told the mag.

"I'm not sure I ever want to get married."around 110 pounds. or more..probably weighs more like 120 or somethin..on gossip girl she seems kinda skinny so maybe 115-120 Answer: . well first wrong category and second how in the world would somebody know how much she weighed unless they were...

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She could be Italian, or anything else, on her mother's side, too.

You'd have to find out her mother's maiden name, and her... I, personally, think that he and Leighton Mester should date.

They make such a good couple on Gossip Girl, and I, and many of my friends, love it when couples on TV start to date in real life too.

It make the show so much better and a lot more realistic...

"I like girls who are not shocked or stunned by anything.

I like the sexy, open, up-front, blunt [type of] girl.I think that's more of what guys are into today -- someone who knows how to be a girl but also has a guy's sense of humor." --Chace Crawford"I like movies and music and all that kind of stuff.If you can text me an off-the-wall movie or song quote, I love it.I love the random spontaneity and creativity of things like that." --Chace Crawford"I think girls are pretty good at knowing [when guys are interested].If he's trying to make you laugh, going out of his way to tell you stories, and seems completely engaged in what you're saying, those are obviously great signs.If he immediately starts acting like you are friends, that's also a great sign. inside jokes are a good thing." --Chace Crawford"I think the concept of what's cute, fun, and sexy is definitely changing.

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