Cerys matthews dating

Cerys Matthews may have originally entered our lives as the wild child lead singer of Catatonia, the Welsh flag bearer for Cool Cymru but that persona is long abandoned.

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Mam Cymru managed to catch up with a busy Cerys on her way to pick up her son Red from school.

Proudly hands on, she was able to have a chat with us ( in between calling out ‘aros fa na’ (stay there) and ‘dere ma’ (come here) to her youngest) as they made their way home.

We started our interview asking if she always does the school run?!

My life revolves around the school day and I love that.

I love the structure that it gives, it was certainly not something that goes along with being in the arts and touring.

I see my main job now as being here mentally and physically for the kids to help them develop into happy and independent members of the community.

As a parent, I think that you are always looking to do the job as well as you can, but it’s never going to be perfect.

When I was a young single mum to a 1 ½ and 3-year-old travelling long haul with loads of layovers it had no structure- I was exhausted.

My friend told me that if you can get the kids to bed at 7 you can then have the rest of the night to yourself. It seems so simple but it was revolutionary in terms of how we managed. I always look for ways to improve or learn but I am confident that I am the best mum that I can be. Some of the most unattractive attributes in a child go along with being over indulged and not understanding ‘NO’ or ‘YOU CAN’T’. Also, no matter what you do as a career you’ll never be cool with your kids, and that’s how it should be. I know that it isn’t radical or revolutionary but it is important.

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