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Last week, on Thursday to be precise, the mobile phone turned forty.

Of course, mobile phone penetration in India took off only around 2000, so for us, realistically speaking, the cell phone this year entered its early teens.

When Engell was later asked about it in interviews, he feigned no recollection of the moment-a moment that would change the course of human destiny forever, for the cell phone, nowadays, is seen as more than just a talking device.

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It had a hefty price tag: $3,900, weighed 2.5 pounds, and was about a foot high.

In another seven years, by 1990, this phone would have a million users.

The morning after Cooper made his legendary first call, several papers carried an Associated Press report that was full of snide remarks and dripped with sarcasm: "Dick Tracy may have pushed it.

A television set in a wristwatch, for heaven's sake.

But that telephone in the secret agent's heel is almost here-if you're the Jolly Green Giant, have a jolly green bank account and can wait until 1976….

Carry it to the beach, the supermarket, the yacht, the fox hunt, the golf course, the hideaway where you went to get away from it all." By 1981, the Christian Science Monitor was more positive, and tried to explain the innovation to its clueless readers, using the example of a hungry employee who's waiting for a call from his boss: "You stare at the phone, your stomach rumbling like a diesel engine, and wish the cord were long enough so you could take the receiver with you to the Burger King next door.Soon you might be able to do just that."As Cooper said in an interview to The Verge: "We need to start customising.People are different from each other, and they ought to have a wide variety of phones…The differences between people are quite remarkable.So you ought to be able to go into a store or go on the web and order a phone that has exactly the characteristics that you want.The Surface Phone is the stuff of smartphone legend, with rumors of the device dating back to 2012.

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