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Sun Apr 8 2018 pm ESTStatement From Alain Vigneault....

I would like to thank the New York Rangers management - Mr.

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The Rangers have an incredible fan base and I will cherish many special moments, especially our trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Rangers are going in a different direction, I respect that and I wish them all the best.

Thus far in my coaching career I am very grateful that I have had the privilege to work with three great organizations - Vancouver, and two Original Six teams with New York and Montreal.

I have great respect for everyone in the media but for now please understand that I don't intend to comment any further, as I will regroup with my family.

Thank you everyone for a great ride and life-lasting memories. For me it started when Messier was pulling strings for ice time, even though he truly was on the decline, and should've dropped down.

He demanded first line, and he really made life difficult for Soupy - not that I was crazy about Campbell, but he was the coach.Then he went to Vancouver and really pulled a lot of crap that truly soured me on the man.Coming back to NY, he felt the job of Head Coach was his - he left the organization because he didn't get it. Yes we would not have won the cut without him, and I'm eternally grateful or that, but in the words of Neil Smith "how long are we supposed to pay for that cup? He would be a no nonsense coach, but I also believe he would not bring out the best in a finesse player - it's slamming to the wall or your out.Why would he think - with absolutely no coaching experience under his belt that he should be handed the Coaching job for the NY Rangers. He had a reputation of making life difficult for players who did not play as physical as he did - with one exception #99.Wiosa Sun Apr 8 2018 pm ESTBring me a coach that will play tough in front of the net. Bring me a coach that puts their play in their own end first.Bring me a coach that can hold the average shots on goal to 30 or less.

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