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Sexual signals help you find, meet, talk with and date Mister or Ms Right using secrets of nonverbal communication.

The brutally honest chapter is titled Courtship Tactics For Women.

Men, learn how you can tell from across the room if she�s interested in you just by her posture and gestures.

During conversation, find out if she�s leading you on or if she�s sincerely interested in you.

The brutally honest chapter is titled Courtship Tactics For Men. As the Watergate hearings were taking place in 1973, I was interning as a Marriage, Family and Child Counselor with Nathaniel Branden.

Part of my responsibilities included learning, then teaching body language to fellow interns.

In the afternoons we�d watch the daily televised testimony with sorrow and dread as our country�s President was slowly, but steadily revealed as a crook.

I kept telling everyone John Mitchell, the Attorney General, was lying on the witness stand.

Nobody believed, rather, wanted to believe, that America�s chief law enforcement officer would lie to the United States Senate.

But, I could feel it, as corny as it sounds, deep in my bones.

One day, someone turned the volume down on the television to answer the phone. With the sound off, we were all able to notice that time after time, Mitchell would touch his mouth or eye when responding, or close his eyes while, or just as he finished, speaking. He leans toward you now and then to invade your territory.

After he did that about three times, the entire group, especially me, screamed, �He�s lying! � Later, to help recently divorced clients and clients who had inadequate social skills, Branden had me conduct Assertiveness Training For Singles. Only after you have touched him, does he touch you, and then it's completely appropriate.

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