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Through all their chaos, they always end up back on the same page.Alex is a little shook up by Bobby purposely hurting himself to prove a suspect's innocence.What happens when Bobby finally realizes that in hurting himself he's also hurt the woman he loves?

But secrets kept during the original investigation have a lot more potential for harm than anyone could have guessed.

Criminal Intent meets Urban Fantasy: In einem Universum in dem Menschen eine tierische Seite haben, einen Zodiac, der das Verhalten ebenso steuert wie der Verstand, treffen sich 1998 zwei Gestaltwandler die nicht unterschiedlicher sein könnten.

Alex Eames, eine junge verwitwete Wölfin trifft auf Bobby Goren, den einzelgängerischen und brillanten Bären.

Niemand hätte gedacht das die beiden auch nur ein Jahr miteinander aushalten, geschweige denn ein ganzes Jahrzehnt.

Doch vielleicht schafft Goren ja selbst das was die Umstände nie zustande bekommen haben: Eames endgültig von sich zu stoßen.

Ist es etwa schon zu spät für sie beide, als Bobby endlich erkennt wie viel Eames ihm bedeutet?For those of you who are interested in more of the mystery and less of the smut: In the fight against the Dark Arts the Wizarding community is represented by two separate by equally important groups.The Department of Magical Law Enforcement who investigate crimes and the wizengamont who prosecute the offenders.The worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the Auror Department: Major Case Squad, headed up by Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger.I have been writing fanfic at least since my early teens, and I am thrilled to find a place to read other fics as well as share my own. So now I seek ways to flex my mind lest it get stiff and slow. Just when he is on the verge of pulling it back together, another blow threatens to destroy him for good. What can a person do when the justice system fails them? I loved college (over 250 undergrad hours and 2 degrees)! He hopes only for understanding but with Maggie, nothing is predictable and he finds as much comfort as he gives. With his mother's terminal diagnosis, Goren's life began to come apart at the seams.

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