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between pre-WW II Germany and modern-day America have given rise to speculations on the re-emergence of a new Hitler.

With the US military increasing its dominance in American life, the decline of morality and sexual mores, along with the destructive effects of a collapsing economy, the setting is ripe for a charismatic figure to arise from the US military in the mold of an Adolf Hitler.

Harking back to the scenario which set the stage for the rise of the Third Reich, one can clearly observe similar societal ills and influences between early 20th century Germany and today’s America.

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Germany’s budding anti-Semitism had its roots in the peoples’ animosity to “internationalist bankers” who imposed harsh reparations on the defeated Germans of WW I through the much-hated Treaty of Versailles.

Both the American and German sides were represented by the Jewish bankers, Paul and Max Warburg respectively.

as international money lenders, Germans blamed the Jews for the degradation of German culture due to their dominant presence in the press, the stage, literature and the arts, accusing them of peddling pornography and base sexual mores.

A leading artist of the time was the Jew and Spartacist communist, George Grosz, known for his pornographic paintings.

The economy of Germany was also in collapse with interims of fits and starts, not unlike the economic woes of present day America.

Two abiding “heroes” in Germany’s public life prevented the Germans from sinking into deep hopelessness.

These were the military figures of Erich Ludendorff, who participated in Hitler’s Munich Putsch, and Paul Hindenburg, who as Germany’s president, appointed Hitler as chancellor.

Today in America, with increasing pessimism on the domestic front, the US military machine seeks to lift the spirits of Americans by presenting a “heroic” leadership defending the nation’s “security.” At the same time, deflected from animosity towards growing militarism, Americans are beginning to display resentment toward “internationalist” Wall Street Bankers, identified as Jews, such as Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs, often making headline news.

as “controlling the media” with their bias and promotion of low sexual mores, public figures like Oliver Stone and Rick Sanchez, (though blackballed), are voicing the opinions of millions of Americans.

And with the popularity of military “heroes” such as Admiral Mike Mullins who opines to TV audiences on secular matters such as “deficits,” and General David Petraeus, now being touted as a 2012 presidential contender, the comparing of modern-day America with pre-WW II Germany is a valid study in historical precedents.

on at least two grounds - the battlefield and the minds of the people via propaganda.

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