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For 3 years of my life I was a full-time dating coach. It’s a valid question I guess – there was no dating coach academy out there, no university degrees or training courses. I was always looking for a way to improve my dating life. Someone with teaching experience, good “game” (ability with women), a positive and fun person. At the end of the presentation I went over and introduced myself to the instructor I corresponded with. At the end, he said “We’re both going to be at Down Under Bar from 9pm onwards tonight. Brisbane’s nightlife during the week isn’t too active.

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I found a local internet forum where guys used to talk about improving their dating lives, called “The Brisbane Lair”. I had more confidence approaching girls I was attracted to, leading interactions, taking phone numbers and so on. I was a little nervous but I knew it was time to perform… The participating students in “Art of Attraction” paid a lot of money to be in that weekend workshop. That hefty price tag helped explain how Pick Up 101 could afford to run the seminar in the conference room of a posh hotel.

Due to the private nature of talking about your love life, the forum was capped to 50 members. Soon enough, I got the e-mail saying I was accepted. For the next year, I kept going out with these guys, on every weekend night and on many weekdays, consciously pushing my social comfort zone. At the end of November 2006, a post written by a username I’ve never seen before appeared on the forum. I figured the coaches would be observing me closely. I counted to 3, took a breath and I leaned over into their group, smiled and made eye contact with everyone. I see you’ve met my friends.” The two coaches relatively quiet vibe, but I was high energy and louder. Within about 2 minutes I was holding court in our little group, with the two instructors by my side. “That was pretty impressive buddy.” One of them whispered in my ear. Two months later, Pick Up 101 was to hold a 3-day weekend workshop in Melbourne called “The Art of Attraction”. Out of all that money, I was only getting paid for my flights to and from Melbourne. Drills are basically simulation exercises with a goal – fix someone’s body language, hold eye contact, approach a girl, and so on.

The post went on to describe their ideal candidate. I didn’t mind associating myself with people like that at all.

” The gist of the post was that Pick Up 101, one of the bigger dating coaching companies in America were looking for Australian instructors for some future workshops. The instructors were positive, confident and down-to-earth guys.

It said two Pick Up 101 instructors were passing in Brisbane to make a presentation. So a week later, on the day of the presentation – there I was, at a local hotel’s conference room.

I had a nice room I was sharing with another coach. There were 6 students, 3 coaches who flew from the US, and 3 of us Australian interns. The students would practice on each other, on the instructors and on female “models”. The guys were pushing their boundaries, having a ball with it and getting results.

After every drill, the instructors, interns and female models gave the participants feedback. A few students approached a woman for the first time after I gave them the nerve to do so. The following weekend, I flew to teach another workshops called “The Art of Rapport”.

The focus of this workshop was on meeting women in regular daily situations, like walking down the street, in a book store or a café.

After doing some drills in the morning, each student got paired with an instructor or an intern, and we hit the town – literally. And eventually, even Brad managed to get over fears that day and approach some girls. ” I said as I slapped his shoulder, proud, when he came back from an approach. I did all of this while getting to talk to cute girls.

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