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“Nick Freitas is the real deal and I urge liberty conservatives and those who believe in the constitution and limited government to rally to his cause and campaign,” Senator Paul said in a statement provided to the Gateway Pundit on Friday.

“Through his involvement in politics and as a delegate, Nick has stood firm to principals while showing he is willing to work hard and fight for what he believes in.

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When asked where he stands on President Donald Trump, Freitas stated that he agrees with him “on a lot of the core areas of his policy positions” and believes that he has done a great job so far on many issues.“First of all, I think the tax reform policy was very good.

It was definitely a step in the right direction and probably the most comprehensive tax reform that we have had since the Reagan years.

I’m very supportive that and of his regulatory policy,” Freitas said.

“We have been fighting for a similar regulatory policy down in Virginia and Donald Trump has done a fantastic job with that.

I don’t think people realize how much regulations stand in the way of not only of existing businesses, but emerging ones as well.

I think Trump has made good on those campaign promises and it has been incredible.” “I think with immigration we obviously have a long way to go, but once again, Trump understands that there are two components to this — there’s the border security component and the immigration policy component.While the media has done everything they can to make Trump look like he’s anti-immigrant, I don’t think he is at all.I think he just understands that we have to have a consistent and coherent legal process when it comes to immigration and as any sovereign nation does, we have a right to protect our borders,” Freitas told the Gateway Pundit.“Certainly in an age of terrorism that necessity is even more important.” “One thing I constantly tell people is that in the Republican Party of Virginia, one of the biggest problems that we have is what I affectionately refer to as ‘the circular firing squad.’ Every primary or convention the candidates tear each other apart and engage in character assassination instead of politely demonstrating their differences. What I will say is that Corey and I have different philosophies with respect to the proper role of government in certain areas,” he said.Some of those differences, Freitas said, are that he’s “an extremely liberty-minded Republican.I think that the proper role of government is to protect our individual liberty, to protect our property rights and provide equal protection before the law.

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