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Could anyone be more excited to reach her 26th birthday?

Pi Ya Nuo (Megan Lai) had an inauspicious start to her life.

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But when the nurses announce that the baby is a girl, the stunned fortuneteller immediately announces that the girl would not survive her childhood unless she lives as a boy for the first 25 years of her life.

Only then can Ya Nuo change her bad fate and bring prosperity to her family.

On her 26th birthday, Ya Nuo can go back to her true gender without any repercussions.

Doomed to live her life as a boy, Ya Nuo is shy and always tries to keep her distance to people to hide her true identity, and the mysterious aloofness makes her irresistible to the girls around her.

One day, she accidentally helps out Du Zi Feng (Baron Chen), who happens to be a triad leader, and his sister, Du Zi Han (Mandy Tao).

While Zi Han falls in love with Ya Nuo, Zi Feng becomes Ya Nuo’s “sworn brother” and best friend.With her 26th birthday fast approaching, will Ya Nuo find her much-anticipated return to being a female will be as easy as she had hoped?“Bromance” is a 2015 Taiwanese drama series directed by Chen Rong Hui.Fuelled by a combination of cider, wine, and slugs of whisky the 45-year-old heir wrestled the policeman to the ground in a scuffle.The son of Edward Barry Greynville Gibson, the fourth Baron Ashbourne, was found guilty of the assault by a district judge sitting in Oxford Magistrate's Court.He has been placed under curfew and ordered to wear an electronic tag.

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