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The group Whats App has to be one of the most cherished and annoying elements of modern friendship currently around. On the other - a phone that never stops beeping and somehow constant contact actually precludes real contact and organisation.Turns out, even wizards and witches have these issues.

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Neville Longbottom and Draco Malfoy (Matt Lewis and Tom Felton) turned up.

Alas (earwax), Ginny and Harry (Bonnie Wright and Daniel) weren't about and Emma explained how difficult it was to get everyone in the same place.

We feel you, between Netflix binges and day-drinking hangovers we too find it difficult to meet up with our nearest and dearest.

Watson said she felt very supported by her former co-stars, which is pretty cute.

They are basically the equivalent of our very own secondary-school mates.

No need to conduct a paternity test: British actor Tom Felton says that contrary to Internet rumors, he isn't the father of a secret love child.On November 21, a postcard featuring photos of Felton, 23, and six of his costars was published on the Post Secret website. He probably can't even remember my name." The shocking rumor sent fans into a frenzy, which prompted Felton, who is dating film assistant Jade Olivia, to address the rumor on Twitter.PHOTOS: Harry Potter actors, then and now The anonymous postcard read: "One of these men is the father of the most amazing little girl in the world. PHOTOS: Celebs who faced pregnancy rumors "My friend just found this on the web!Just to confirm that I can be cancelled out of this equation," he wrote Wednesday, linking to the postcard.Twins Oliver and James Phelps, who play George and Fred Weasley respectively, also denied the report."Apart from making me laugh, I can honestly say it's 100% not me," Oliver, 24, said on Twitter Thursday.

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