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The 18-year-old Russian is the latest androgynous model to make waves in the fashion industry, with his story made all the more unusual because he regularly dates women, and is in all other ways a normal red blooded male.

Joining the realms of Andrej Pejic, who has become a favourite with the world's top womenswear designers, Stas says he has got used to walking in heels and that despite his delicate features and lean body, there is still a fair bit of preparation involved in turning him into a female.

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I go for blondes and I like curvy girls.’In order to keep up his feminine appearance he avoids the gym to prevent developing masculine muscles and also keeps up regular leg and bikini line waxes, often finding himself attracting male attention.

As the crisis of masculinity is blamed for everything from the rise of Donald Trump to the alarmingly high suicide rate among young men, the arresting eye of photographers like Lena Shkoda is needed more than ever.

Her monochrome photography project exploring masculinity features androgynous 6.5ft musician Ryan Erksine contorting his face and body.

The 34-year-old photographer based in Brooklyn showed her untitled project as part of the Documented exhibition at the Vandervoort Studio Brooklyn, New York, focused on answering what it means to be a man today and celebrating "men who push the envelope in delineating the new male." The photographer met her muse for the project at the Museum of Modern Art, New York, three years ago.

"I was captured by his features and bone structure, but then his calmness and hidden craziness won my total admiration for him," she recalls to Erskine visited Shkoda in her home to take the photos.

She simply asked him “to do something weird” and snapped away.The concept behind the shoot, she says, was initially a "thoughtless admiration of beauty and its imperfections." Shkoda simply hoped to capture his "fragility and movements".Later, it became clear that the images and Erskine's long hair and feminine features might prompt viewers to question what it means to be a man.“I don’t like shooting women or men strictly as sexual objects in its general meaning," explains Shkoda."And those images illustrate that tendency in a best way possible." Shkoda hopes that she captured Erskine’s fragility and vulnerable expressions which stand in stark contrast to the idea of the stereotypical male: strong, unflinching and in control. Are bisexuals more likely to be attracted to androgynous partners (male & female) than heterosexuals, or do they (on average) like their males masculine and their females feminine (to the same extent as heterosexuals, on average)? I haven't met very many bisexual people, but I believe that they are attracted to your average man and average woman, and possibly the androgynous types as well but I don't think they necessarily have a predilection for them. I've met straight women who go into paroxysms of ecstasy over an androgynous man and bisexual women who only like people at the extremes of the gender spectrum.

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