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Daniel Negreanu may well be the best-liked player in poker.Young, talented and friendly - on or away from the table - it's easy to see how he has nearly as many distinctions for his positive image as for his countless tournament victories.It's also not surprising then, based on both reputation and tournament success, that Poker has chosen Negreanu to represent them as one of their elite sponsored pros.

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They ended up settling in Toronto instead, where Constantin found work as an electrician.

They soon started a family, Daniel arriving five years after his older brother.

It was a supportive environment, even when it became clear Negreanu was destined for an unconventional lifestyle.

While nursing dreams of a career in acting or comedy, the 15-year-old learned to play a little poker.

By 16, he was spending time in pool halls, hustling, sports betting and - yes - playing cards.

By the time he was 18, Negreanu had dropped out of high school - one credit short of graduation - to focus on poker.He started supplementing his play at illegal games around town with trips to charity casinos.Ever charming, he met and started dating a local dealer by the name of Evelyn Ng.For a more traditional lifestyle, he tried one day as a telemarketer and a month working at a Subway, but his path clearly led elsewhere.At 21, an eager (and finally legal) Negreanu took the money he'd made to try his talents against the world's finest in Las Vegas.He lasted about seven months before returning home, broke but determined.

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