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When Andrea Casiraghi's mother was recently congratulated about her son's forthcoming wedding to Tatiana Santo Domingo, she responded warmly.Princess Caroline waved and smiled at onlookers on a last minute holiday in Saint Tropez ahead of the nuptials.

Caroline's future daughter-in-law has never courted the spotlight.

Talking about her disliking of being photographed at glitzy dos, she once quipped: "I think goodness there can't be any celebrities left.".

Yet the wedding will be a high society, if bohemian affair, in accordance with the bride's tastes.

This isn't just because of the guests invited by the Monegasque royals.

Tatiana herself is the granddaughter of Colombian mogul Julio Santo Domingo, who passed on a $6bn fortune from his beer company when he died in 2011.

Tatiana and her fashionable friends The striking brunette has been educated at the best schools in Paris, Geneva and New York.

So legions of glamorous names are expected from the Big Apple, Milan, Switzerland, France and Latin America.

Mother of the bride: Vera Rechulski is a Brazilian socialite who has an apartment in Rio and another in Paris.

Sadly Tatiana's father Julio passed away in 2009.

The New York jet set: In the absence of their father Tatiana's brother Julio may have the honour of walking the bride down the aisle. Vera's children also have two uncles from their billionaire grandfather's second marriage.

Alejandro Santo Domingo, a Harvard educated financier, was entrusted with the reins of the family business.

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