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The affected users took to Twitter, Reddit, Sprint and Apple Support Communities to report this issue, which apparently manifests itself on older devices, too, including the i Phone 6 series.“Sprint Wi-Fi Calling has worked for almost whole year, but since last weekend’s i OS 11.2 i OS update it stopped working,” one poster said. “Prior to i OS 11.2/Carrier 31.0 my phone would switch to Sprint Wi-Fi Calling within seconds of it connecting to my router.After the latest update it takes hours, and in some cases not at all.”The more likely scenario is that there might be a conflict between the carrier profile and i OS 11.2 that is impacting the functionality of Wi-Fi Calling for Sprint customers though that’s speculation on my part.

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On the other hand, this could be an i OS 11.2 issue because some folks who have downgraded to i OS 11.1.2 are reporting being able to use Wi-Fi Calling again.

More realistically, however, this is a problem on the network end.

According to last week’s post by a Sprint representative, they are aware of the problem.

The carrier has tested a temporary patch in one of its Wi-Fi Calling servers.

If that test went well, they planned to roll it out to more servers until a permanent fix is made available.

Any of you Sprint customers out there who are seeing this issue please share your experience with other customers by leaving a comment down below.

If you own an i Phone 7 and newer or a 2017 i Pad Pro, you may have noticed that updating to i OS 11 defaults the Camera app to capturing photos in Apple’s new High Efficiency Image File Format (.

HEIC files) and videos in the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC or H.265) format instead of the ubiquitous JPEG and H.264 media formats.

HEIF is great: using the efficient H.265 codec to compress images, the format maintains similar quality as JPEG at a much lower file size.

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