After five years of dating

I am his extremity, love of his life, i have nothing to worry about. After awhile i became insecure and not confident as i was before. He said that he can't live like this anymore even though he cares about me so very much. I felt in my heart 100% that after some time we would be together again. I then emailed him telling him that i am well, confident, feel more like my old self and that im not waiting around for him anymore. He then replied back saying that he has been thinking of me and has been sad. and was thinking maybe months down the road circumstances would be right for us to be back together again. I'm sure this is just a rebound relationship as i know he loves me very much. I'm sure and hoping he will realize that we are meant to be together. (as in text messages, calling just to say i love you ect.) He kept telling me that he loves me with all of his heart, he just is used to me. But as of now he is dating someone and taking one day at a time.

If we broke up it would be like a family memeber died. That he needs to be 100% sure that he wants to marry me, ect and he is not. After another week i emailed him and told him that i know we can work things out. How can he date someone after 2 months of breaking up when we were together for 4 years. It sounds like he's hurting alot, and boys seem to take stupid measures to stop the pain.

He said that he has not been the boyfriend that i deserve and has to "let me go" even though he doesn't want to. He deleted his facebook account cuz he said he doesn't want to know what I am doing cuz it would hurt too much. I think that pushed him more away.emailed me back saying we cant be together now, we would be miserable together. I can't even think of being with someone else right now. We were soo comfortable with one another and best friends. A rebound is a good distraction, but after a while he'll recognize it's hollowness.

He wrote me a long email stating that he is going to be single for a long time. 2 weeks ago he told me he is talking to someone "as friends" Last week i was looking at someones profile and saw someone leaving her a message..My EXs arms wrapped around her. I'm so hurt..a day has gone by to where i havne't cried. Is this just a rebound relationship and what should i do? My boyfriend did the same when we broke up a while ago, rebounded with his ex which was very painful, and what i did was left them alone for long enough (around a month) that he was tiring of her before casually dropping by.

Try to think of it as a positive thing - he'll realise how special you are in comparison to this young bimbo AND you now have decent reason and incentive to not talk to him!

Not only did he lie and say he wanted to be single, but he also didn't have the decency to tell you. The best thing I ever did in my break up was when one day i made myself delete him on facebook, delete his number, hide his photo;s and notes, and look the other way when i passed his house.

Here's some hope for you - me and boyfriend are now back together and very happy. It helps a lot.once i get in my car to drive home all the tears come out.

We broke up for very similiar reasons to you, and the time apart really gave us time t grow. How can he be with someone else after loving me for 4 years and telling me for so long im the only one for him.that he doesnt want to even get to know anyone else.

when you find yourself being independant and happy, instead of trying to convice him you are, thats when he'll notice Hope this helps and i didn't babble too much Thank you so much for responding. He told me in email that he knows things that went wrong in our relationship and it's things we could have worked on..we just shrugged them off cuz we were so used to one another.we "should have" paid closer attention.

My corworker said same thing happened to her and her now husband after a 4 year break. At the same time.doesn't want to give us a second chance. He also told me that he was hoping that after time apart that "old feelings" would come back.

He dated someone..the day she let him go is the day he came back. I put in his head for about a year that he doesn't love me like before..kept telling me he is just used to me. He has always told me that he has had relationships and dated lots of girls in the past..he has never loved anyone before...he met me. I asked him about a year ago..wouldn't you want to be with someone else to see what it's like to have some other love.

He said no it took him that long to find true love.knows if he will find it again.

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