Advice for dating christian girls

So when I saw this Ask Reddit thread on what Reddit users would tell teenagers if they could, I knew I had to check it out. The thread is full of such great life advice that we try to tell you guys through our posts all the time.

It’s really important to hear this sort of stuff sometimes, no matter how old you are.

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Ask questions, study your religion, and find out if you really believe its teachings and stories. you've saved grown as a person, saved time and money.

If you find out you believe its teaching and God(s), great!

You have grown as a human and subject for your God(s) and learned a lot about your religion. Just because your parents believe something doesn't mean you have to also.

It's okay to believe in a different religion, or no religion at all.

You should never feel guilty for taking a different stance on something than your family.

Source: Shutter Stock martininkorea: Don't worry so much about relationships and sex in general.You are young and just starting to figure out what you want in your life (same goes for the college kids reading reddit, too). I know that sounds like the lamest advice on the face of the earth but you will save yourself a lot of trouble if you learn how to pace yourself early. Too many teens think nothing bad will ever happen to them. If you do leave home call them with stories of what your daily life is like. Don't be afraid to have adventures or make some stupid decisions.Instead, focus on finding what makes you happy- get your own self in order before worrying about pleasing someone else who's most likely in the same boat as you. But seriously: don't think you're weird because you're 17 and you haven't been in a relationship yet. Source: Shutter Stock samtheman66: If you think you're socially awkward or have anxiety around people, you aren't broken. Source: Shutter Stock Puppybrother: Drink responsibly. I'm not encouraging underage drinking in any way, but I'm also not stupid. That said, if you're going to participate in this illegal activity, please be careful. Visit home when you can and see how things have changed, but appreciate how much is the same and how you have changed. If you can think of something that makes you say "Damnit I hate that, why do I do that? Pay attention to your family - they're very important. Source: Shutter Stock Puffsdangerfield: Make friends with failure now.Jux_: Sometimes it's just part of being a teenager. I know too many people who have gotten very sick from alcohol poisoning and they can tell you it's not fun. You are going to experience it a lot in your life and the more familiar and accepting of it you are now will greatly aid you in success as you progress in life.Sometimes it's just part of being young, and sometimes it's just who you are. Source: Shutter Stock Arren Pawk: Just because you hate your parents now doesn't necessarily mean you actually hate them. In that same spirit, sometimes you will fail and never recover from that failure ever again.As sh*tty as they may seem, realize that a good part of what makes them intolerable are your sh*tty hormones and masturbatory juices mucking things up in your head. Some dreams will never come to pass and you will not always get what you want. When I first started writing, I was so afraid of failing at a pitch that I never pitched anything.

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