Advantages dating shorter man

Ladies prefer men who are a whopping 8 inches taller than they are, according to a recent Dutch study.With the average American female standing at 5’5”, that puts the bar at 6’1”. Taller men would have made better protectors back in caveman days, so women evolved a taste for them, Thomas says.

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The first rule: Get your pants hemmed and your sleeves shortened, Mc Goff says.

Bunched fabric around your wrists and ankles will only draw attention to your smaller stature.

Next, avoid wearing anything that breaks up your frame visually.

A streamlined look from top to bottom can help elongate your body, says Mc Goff. But shorter guys can get away with it because their height makes them less threatening, Wood says.

If your pants will stay put, lose the belt—or wear a slim one that’s the same color as your pants. Holding her gaze for longer than 3 seconds—without towering over her—reads as pure attraction, Wood says.

Go for monochromatic color schemes like dark jeans and a dark shirt instead of dark jeans and a white shirt. Tie on that friendship bracelet your niece made you. “She’ll think, ‘Wow, this guy is really into me,’” she says. Think about it: You wouldn’t want her to blatantly lie about her weight, would you?

Confidence is key to making a good first impression, says Beverly Hills-based psychiatrist Carole Lieberman, M. If you assume right off the bat that she won’t like you because of your height, she probably be turned off—by your insecurity, Dr. (These Insanely Simple Ways to Be More Likeable will help, too.) To feel more confident, remember the qualities that make you a catch and draw her focus to them, advises Dr. Are you a graphic artist who designs his own T-shirts? It can be intense to stare right into someone’s eyes, so you may want to practice in non-romantic situations like with waiters or cashiers, Wood suggests. It’s okay to ditch decimals and round up to the nearest inch, Spira says, but don’t fib more than that.

But remember: The goal is to show your interest—not creep her out. Your ultimate mission is to meet your match in person, and you don’t want her looking for the 5’9” guy you claimed to be on your profile if you’re only 5’5”. And your dishonesty will make you seem insecure, Spira says.

Men tend to stand side by side when getting to know each other.

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