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It was then that I got my first taste of the genius that is the Video Baby Monitor.

Sure it was staticky and only worked with the receiver plugged in (the battery sucked, which I think is pretty common with this type of monitor) but .

You see, it could be 100% quiet in his room, but he could be going through his dresser, or standing on his bed, or any number of other non-sleep things.

Usually that meant he needed a diaper change, to be honest.

So I’d go check on him, change his diaper, and remind him to lie down in his bed.

Other times, a sound-only monitor would’ve had me opening the door to check on him unnecessarily!Sometimes it was a bit loud in there, but he was just lying in bed telling his stuffed animal a story. It’s just far too useful to be able to have that little bit of extra information.This conviction was solidified when I nannied for another family who had sound-only monitors.There were so many times I had to peek in because of a sound when it would have been perfectly fine (but I couldn’t know until I peeked! and the door closing, or the tiny bit of change in light, or the sound of a floorboard squeaking would wake up the child…I tried to convince the parents to buy a video monitor but they didn’t understand what they were missing, so they stuck with audio-only.I researched and researched, and in 2009, when I was looking at these, there were not as many options as there are now.

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