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This Place Student Perspectives Panel Tang Teaching Museum Wachenheim Gallery: Join us for a This Place student perspectives panel on Monday, April 9, at PM.

Students currently enrolled in classes taught in tandem with the Tang’s…Read More Lauren Klein Lecture PALMTN Emerson Auditorium: On Monday, April 9, Lauren Klein of Georgia Tech and Catherine D'Ignazio of Emerson College will be giving a talk on "Data Feminism" in Emerson at pm.

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With award-winning dining and dorms, the perfect college town, and 1,000 acres of natural beauty – there’s a lot of ground to cover.

But, like any home, our campus is both a comfortable place to return to and a launchpad for exploring the world around you.

Welcome to a place thriving with individual expressions, and a unique setting where they all work together.

With hundreds of student-run clubs, including dozens of sustainability, health, and wellness programs–you’re invited to explore your unexpected.

No matter what you’re meant to be, do, or inspire, Skidmore is the start of your path to a life of purpose.

Here, you’ll find personalized, on-campus resources to explore what’s possible, define your vision, and jump-start your life’s work.We’re completely committed to environmental action. From our own solar field and 29 buildings with geothermal heating and cooling, to student-run composting, gardens, and more–we’re doing it ourselves so our ecosystems, and those beyond them, can reap immediate benefits. "I had the unique freedom at Skidmore to dive into a major of my own design, where I could investigate how art and marine biology inform one another.The chance to go crazy and study my exact interests was incredible." "Study what excites you.Don't worry how different two areas of study appear.There's always a connection to be made or a new idea sparked.Find something that excites, and you'll use your liberal arts education." "Even though I was an economics major, I was also able to take piano lessons each semester and play the viola in the orchestra.

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