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We believe that addiction is a primary physiological illness, progressive in nature and terminal if left untreated.We know that we have solutions and that any patient who follows our treatment plan will begin to heal.

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We commit ourselves, as our first priority, to the patient in treatment.

Next, in the certain knowledge that we can help, we commit ourselves to finding and attracting the alcoholic and addict who still suffers.

We recognize that key to our continued success are our ability to reach the addict in need and our willingness to take immediate action to help.

In both human and financial terms, we acknowledge that value of the service we provide, and we honor ourselves and our work with our sincere, unreserved assertion of that value.

We understand that our opportunities to provide service and our energies to seek compensation for it are interdependent.

We know that each of our patients is at the center of a wide circle, and that within this circle are our patient’s best support in recovery and our next opportunities to provide treatment.

We constantly seek ways to improve our work and to demonstrate our empathy and respect for one another and for our patients.

We recognize and celebrate effort, and we acknowledge that mistakes, as long as we are trying, are opportunities to learn. Underlying all of our actions is our fundamental belief that at Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers we provide the finest addiction treatment available anywhere, that the work we do is of social and material value to our clients and the community, and that people, both those we work with and those we serve, are our greatest and most precious asset.

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