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Whether you are active duty, separated, or retired, you can apply to your service's Board for the Correction of Military Records if you feel there is an error or an injustice in your military personnel records.Any person with military records, or his or her heirs or legal representative, may apply to the appropriate service's Board for the Correction of Military Records.

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Title 10, United States Code, Section 1552, is the law governing correction of military records.

This statute authorizes the Secretary of the service concerned to correct any military record when "necessary to correct an error or injustice." The purpose of this statute was to relieve the Congress from consideration of private bills to correct errors or injustices in military records.

The statute provides for the service secretaries to act through a board of appointed civilians in considering applications for correction of military records.

AFI 36-2603, Air Force Board for Correction of Military Records, implements the statute within the Air Force.

Army Regulation 15-185 implements the statute within the Army.

The Code of Federal Regulations; Title 33, Part 52;2. The Navy and Marine Corps implement the statute through The Navy, Code of Federal Regulations; Title 32, Part 723.

You should exhaust other administrative remedies before appealing to your service's board.

For example, you should first submit a performance report appeal to the appropriate appeal agency before appealing to your service's military records correction board.

An appeal ​requesting upgrade of discharge should normally be submitted to the service's Discharge Review Board under Department of Defense Directive (Do DD) 1332.28, Discharge Review Board (DRB) Procedures and Standards.

The board will return your application if you have not first sought relief through the appropriate administrative process.

You should submit your request within 3 years after you discover, or reasonably could have discovered, the error or injustice.

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