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We've speculated about how Jen is handling the evolving relationship of Brangelina (for years! How have they fared since their flings with the most famous of Friends? Fortunately, Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, who once upon a time dated Jennifer Aniston (and Courtney Cox) ((Oh, AND Emmy Rossum)) stopped by Huff Post Live to dish the details of dating at 50. He was there to promote his new album Somewhere Under Wonderland, but somehow the talk turned to Tinder, the swipe-centric socializing app, in which Duritz takes part: Adam Duritz: "Everybody is on Tinder. Seriously, there is nobody who is not on Tinder at this point. My married publicist who told me not to go on Tinder is on Tinder, and so is her husband."Host Ricky Camilleri: "Just to play?

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) but his track record, and downright delightful (and self-deprecating) demeanor, would seem to indicate that he's doing ok.

Something like that, usually."We'd offer Duritz some dating advice (maybe cut your hair?

In my case they are girls, who you have NO IDEA what they are thinking and then you just sort of like, muddle through and then you crash into a wall.

He has been in 11 celebrity relationships averaging less than one year each.

But none of that has happened."Duritz's speech seemed surprisingly childlike.

"I really hoped it would go away, or that I would find the right medication so it didn't affect me anymore, or that I would just go to therapy and could think my way around it.

The longtime Counting Crows singer suffers from Depersonalization Disorder, which makes the mind feel disengaged from the body and one's surroundings, for periods lasting from minutes to months. He says it dooms all his relationships and has left him a lonely man in his 50th year."It's like the world doesn't seem very real, I don't know," Duritz said.

It was orchestrated by a publicist who asked, several times, that I talk specifically about the new Counting Crows album, I was so ready to make fun of Adam Duritz, you have no idea. Of course, I knew about his mental illness going into the interview, but I didn't realize how noticeable an effect it appeared to have on his personality.

(He says they're extensions.) I want to make fun of him, too. And this interview was the perfect opportunity to confirm his douchiness for the ages.

Beneath the familiar rasp and occasional laughter, some basic social cues seem lacking, such as the ability to comprehend when a joke is made or a subject needs changing because of the ticking clock.

He could have just had a long night, or maybe he couldn't hear me as well as I could him.

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