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To demonstrate that the duty to accommodate has been fulfilled, the employer must be able to document the process that was observed in considering and acting on the employee's request for accommodation.This document has been prepared to provide a general process to follow when assessing an accommodation request.

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The duty to accommodate is not about employee preferences; it is about removing discriminatory barriers related to the 13 prohibited grounds of discrimination, up to the point of undue hardship to the employer.

The following are common situations that could trigger the need for accommodation: Performance problems can sometimes tell you that there may be a need to accommodate, even when the employee has not asked for an accommodation.

As a manager, you are obligated in certain circumstances to initiate action to determine if an accommodation is needed, even if the employee has not asked for it.

You are encouraged to consult with your organization's human resources/labour relations functional specialists for guidance.

The following are some examples of signs that might require further investigation to assess whether accommodation is needed: If you have spoken to the employee about specific behaviours and offered the option of accommodation on several occasions, and the individual does not wish to pursue the matter, remember to document the steps you took to show that you did everything you could to help the employee and that you fulfilled your obligations regarding the duty to accommodate.

Be sure to advise the employee of available services, such as You notice that a previously reliable employee is missing deadlines.

On speaking with the employee, you have reason to suspect that stress or a mental health problem might be the cause.

You suggest that the employee seek professional help and make sure he or she knows how to use your organization's .

Tell the employee that you can make adjustments to his or her schedule to accommodate any treatment that might be required.

Make sure the employee understands that once he or she receives treatment, the health care provider can help by suggesting changes at work to enable the employee to better manage his or her workload.

With the employee's consent, you obtain this information from the treating physician or counsellor, who recommends giving the employee more uninterrupted time at work so he or she can meet deadlines.

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