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he has witnessed admirable as well as questionable behaviour from the show's single participants."Don't turn up looking like you've just jumped out of bed," he cautions. Things can get a little interesting if you push the boat out too much. And you've got to be careful when talking about past relationships, politics – things like that."I guess just feel out the other person and whether it is a good idea.And try to avoid questions like, 'Why are you single? READ MORE: *Fanning the First Date flame *Will a man drought dry up the chances of First Dates New Zealand season two?

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As each date ends, diners reveal whether they would like to see their meal companion again. "He is often surprised when their first date is their last date."You think, 'Oh these guys are definitely going to go on a second date' and then they don't you're like, 'Oh what?

Those game enough to enter the restaurant this week include a radio DJ, a dancer and a farrier. ' But that's just the nature of the beast," says Maxwell.

restaurant, it is Maxwell's job to put the singletons at ease. Like a lot of participants, he knows how challenging dating can be despite advances in technology."I was on Tinder for a month or so," says Maxwell.

"Being on a blind date is nerve-racking enough let alone having it filmed so I certainly take my hat off to them," he says."I do what I can. I try to make them feel at home, try to make them feel relaxed.

"Greet them, ask a couple of questions and make them feel relaxed, say they are looking nice because they always are.

They generally bring their 'A' game."But like anything, there are exceptions to the rule."Something happened this season which I haven't seen on any other version of and it even left me speechless," he says."I can't really tell you what that was. You'll have to wait and see but it was right up there with awkward."Maxwell is a dog-trainer turned firefighter with a degree in zoology. He began working in hospitality at age 15 and keeps his hand in the industry on a casual basis. He is no stranger to TV having appeared in commercials and in productions such as where he has picked up handy tips about how to make a good first impression on a date."Bring the best version of yourself," he advises. Ross Butler is opening up about why he waited until his mid-Twenties to enter the dating scene.Butler, 27, revealed he “made a conscious decision not to date” when all of his friends were.

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