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Well, I had no big "plans" for my Labor Day weekend, so I lazed around this morning doing some laundry (oh that reminds me--gotta put that load in the dryer). You may recall the that I got, oh, nearly a year ago. Part of the issue was finding a specialty shop to buy the shade in. I noticed a shop called "Treasure Trove" a few doors down from the lamp store. It was a hospital charity shop, and so of course I went in. Then, I stumbled across a 3-pack of floral hankies...loved the colors and figured I could use them for embellishing a pillow or something.

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I liked the black silk with gold lining ones (those were the $$$ ones), but the shapes were all wrong. All told, the lamp, shade, new harp, and new finial cost $25. He said "oh, uh, I didn't see you had a gauge" and ran away.

I must have looked helpless, you know, having breasts and a vagina and all. It's one thing if you want to be nice and accost a female and ask if she wants help, but don't just go touching her car without asking! I'd say it was 50% occupied, and what WAS occupied was filled with local retailers with names like "Streetz Clothes" and stuff like that.

Must mean I don't know how to put air in my tires. This was in Springfield, which I call land of the lost, because I usually end up getting lost. I ended up doing the same thing I've done once before, and ended up driving onto 395 toward Washington. I had some stuff to return and was going to go to Springfield Mall, but stopped at Landmark instead. That isn't an actual business, but you get my drift.

Do you ever feel overly positive about the economy? The national credit tenants were far and few between and I'm guessing that they were either stuck in a lease they signed awhile ago or paying nothing. When I lived in Alexandria 7 years ago, it was a decent mall.

Not high end like Tysons or Pentagon City, but decent. And, I loaded up on basic undies at Sears, which I found out were on sale from their normal cheap price as I was checking out, which is the best way to find out.

And, I thought it was going higher end when Lord & Taylor moved in. I did load up on enough hand soap for two years at Bath & Body Works' 5 for special. Funny, I HATED getting clothes and underwear at Sears when I was little; now, I wish I could still buy the plastic-wrapped packs of cotton undies.I'm not one of those "oh, I love lacy undies" kind of girls!Fortunately, my favorite fine dining restaurant was still there: I had a nice Chick Fil A sandwich before hitting the road.I continued my tour of the forlorn by driving up Duke Street looking for a car wash.I found Rita's instead and got a small gelati.I did find a car wash--on the other end of Duke Street--but one of those lame gas station car washes, which didn't really do a whole lot for the tree gunk on it.

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